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theta phi alpha door hanger "peace, Love, and...."942 viewsPaint door hanger yellow and add border in blue. I used the scrapbook stencil from project pack 4 for the zigzag. Paint the peace sign using the stencil “keep calm/love” available for purchase separately $3.99. Paint the heart using the stencil in the supply sack (big/lil). Painted the compass on the wood circle in the supply sack. First paint circle pink. Then add blue using the compass stencil. Then add silver (using stencil) for the star center (hint: you may need to paint white first). Lay down on door hanger and mark location. Then lift off and paint “N, S, E, W” with the stencil. Glue down the compass. Tie bow and glue to top.
theta phi alpha290 viewsPaint cube removing wire holder first.. Paint “LOVE using the “keep calm/ love” stencil (available for purchase separately for $3.99). Use the rose stencil in the supply sack to paint the “O”. ( If you want to add glitter, available for $1.49, paint the rose with glue. Press the glitter into the glue before you shake off extra glitter.) On top of the cube, use the “lil/big” stencil in supply sack to paint “ROSE ABOVE REST” with black paint pen. Free hand “THE”. On one side paint “STOP, SMELL, ROSES”. Free hand “and” & “the”. On another side paint “PAINT, ROSES, WHITE”. Free hand “the”. Paint the O in roses white and add swirl with black paint pen to look like a rose. Add ribbon to holder.
theta phi alpha sign582 viewsPaint small sign yellow. Paint penguins using the stencil in your supply sack. Sponge paint the body in black first. Then fill in the beck, white belly, and eyes. The second penguin I painted a little lower by making the feet shorter. I also flipped the stencil over to make one if it’s wings going down instead of up ( so it would be “under” the bigger penguin’s wing.) I used the “big/lil” stencil to paint the heart. Free hand the saying with the black paint pen, or download art with this link:
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