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ADPi Scrapbook1486 viewsFrom Project Pack 4. Paint scapbook. Stencil violet and letters on cardstock and glue to scrapbook (or stencil right on scrapbook). Use header stencils on insdie and cut out headers to glue onto. Attach ribbon.
Inside of Chi Omega Scrapbook1688 views
Chi Omega Scrapbook Cover397 views
Kappa Delta Scrapbook222 viewsKatie free handed this using the paints and supplies in the Supply Sack.
KKG Inside Scrapbook242 views
Scrapbook Cover7191 views
pi phi scrapbook cover7021 viewsPaint scrapbook cover blue (hint: do not add water to paint). Decorate the cover when you have finished with the inside pages. I painted the letters on the angel wings using the letter stencils in the supply sack. The angel wings can be purchased separately. I painted “memories” with the white paint pen. You can free hand or upload at the link below and trace. I glued a ribbon to the cover and then glued the wings on top (the ribbon wraps around the book to tie close).
pi phi scrapbook409 viewsPaint inside pages blue and burgundy. Paint header background with scrapbook stencil. I used the scalloped edge one throughout the book. (Hint: do not put a lot of paint on the sponge. Dip sponge in paint and dap off all the paint until sponge looks dry before you stencil the header. Add coats to build up color). Select what type you want to use for your headers and glue and paste on top of the header background. I decorated the pages with a combination of paper, ribbon, & clip art all in the supply sack (arrows cut from large pieces of paper). Keep to record your own memories or give to a sister either blank or add pictures.
phi mu scrapbook "what I love about my house"498 viewsPaint scrapbook cover and back black. Paint all other pages white. (Hint: do not mix paint with water when you paint). Pick out different paper from your supply sack to make a house. Cut a door in the house and fold open. Glue a rhinestone on the door for a doorknob. Cut out squares for windows. Add a roof and trim. Stencil letters on the roof to finish the sorority house. Make this scrapbook to list all the things you love about your sorority. See other picture for inside and back
phi mu scrapbook inside524 viewsInside I made flags using the scrapbook stencil and different papers. Paint the string for the flags using the black paint pen and the scrapbook stencil. I made tags using the stencil as well. Bracket is stenciled with a paint pen. Glue done left over paper. Add pictures and notes about what you love about your sorority. See other picture for cover and back.
phi mu scrapbook pocket668 viewsOn the back of the scrapbook you can make a pocket for extra photos or memorabilia. Take a piece of the scrapbook paper from the supply sack and fold flaps on 3 sides to match the size of the scrapbook. Glue flaps down.
Kappa Alpha Theta Scrapbook Inside436 views
Kappa Alpha Theta Scrapbook Cover731 views
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