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Alpha Chi Omega Sorority Door Hanger2616 viewsYou could use any of the stencils to add to this (polka dot, etc). You can get the lyre art already sized to the door hanger here:

Copy and Paste Link in your browser. Password was given to you when you placed your order.
door hanger242 viewsfrom project pack, make door hanger with paint and stencils.
door hanger587 viewsPaint the squirrel using the stencil in the supply sack. Paint the letters with the letter stencils (add shadows). Paint the speech bubble with the stencil in project pack 2. Fill in the speech bubble with words from the stencil or free hand. Tie ribbons around.
alpha xi delta doorhanger552 viewsPaint door hanger light blue. Add border by painting blocks of dark blue then blocks of yellow. When dry, outline with white paint pen. Paint roses on 3 large wood circles by painting circles white. Then stencil rose pattern in yellow (hint: I went back with a white paint pen to touch up when dry). Paint letters on the roses using the letter stencils and black paint pen. Position on door hanger and mark with pencil. Stencil leaves in green and outline with black paint pen. Glue down the wood roses. Paint two smaller wood circles yellow and free hand rose pattern with white paint pen. Free hand leaves in green, outline and glue down small roses. Tie a bow using three different colors of ribbon and glue to the top of the doorhanger.
Chi Omega Door Hanger204 views
Delta Gamma Door Hanger267 viewsI cut the paper from Delta Gamma Supply Sack into one inch strips (across the 4" side). I Mod Podge - Deco Paged onto a plain door hanger. I started at the bottom center. Added other things from the Sack
Alpha Sigma Alpha Door Hanger902 viewsDoor Hanger done for Alpha Sigma Alpha
delta phi epsilon doorhanger535 viewsPaint door hanger purple. Use stencil from project pack 3 to paint circles in light purple. Use “keep on/ love” stencil (available separately for $3.99) to stencil “love”. Paint white first for better coverage then paint gold. Paint the Phi in place of the O using letter stencil and then the Delta on top of the Phi. Paint the unicorn using the stencil in the supply sack (paint white and then gold). Tie a ribbon around the hole.
Door Hanger194 views
Kappa Kappa Gamma Door Hanger 186 viewsOf course, you could use any of the stencils to add to this (polka dots, owl, etc). You can get the fleur de lis art already sized to the door hanger here:

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Gamma Phi Beta Door Hanger2183 views
Door hanger266 views
owl canvas5549 viewscute owl canvas using scrapbook paper
DDD Door Hanger4814 views
Kappa Delta Door Hanger4713 views
Door Hanger12542 views
Door Hanger285 views
Door Hanger191 views
Door Hanger151 views
Sigma Kappa Door Hanger1042 viewsOur UGA Rep, Marisa, made this cute door hanger using the Supply Sack.
Delta Gamma Door Hanger with Anchor10076 viewsCould also make this for Alpha Sigma Theta. We have the Anchor art already sized for our customers at:

Copy and past the URL into your browser. Password was provided when you placed your order and it's on your Invoice.

Once you print, cut out and tape to either side of door hanger. Trace the outline in pencil. Fill in with a paint brush.
theta phi alpha door hanger "peace, Love, and...."942 viewsPaint door hanger yellow and add border in blue. I used the scrapbook stencil from project pack 4 for the zigzag. Paint the peace sign using the stencil “keep calm/love” available for purchase separately $3.99. Paint the heart using the stencil in the supply sack (big/lil). Painted the compass on the wood circle in the supply sack. First paint circle pink. Then add blue using the compass stencil. Then add silver (using stencil) for the star center (hint: you may need to paint white first). Lay down on door hanger and mark location. Then lift off and paint “N, S, E, W” with the stencil. Glue down the compass. Tie bow and glue to top.
zeta: only the berry best get crowned568 viewsPaint door hanger turq. Add a thin border of pink (hint: you can tape to paint or free hand). Add tiny black dots to the pink border with the black paint pen. Paint “ONLY BERRY BEST CROWN” using the “big/lil” stencil in the supply sack (this stencil has most every letter in the alphabet on it). I penciled the letters then painted with black paint pen. Free hand “the”, “get”, and “ed”. Fill letter centers with silver paint. Paint the base of the strawberries pink using the zeta stencil (do not use the leave part of the stencil since we will be using crowns instead). Paint the top layer of the strawberry with the black paint pen. Add crowns to tops of strawberries (hint: I used the crown on the zeta stencil but made it shorter). I painted crowns silver and then outlined in black. I also added some silver highlights to the strawberries.
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