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Sisterhood Gifts for Less

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aco frame325 viewsfrom project pack, painted frame olive, added a border in light green around the opening. Used the frame stencils to add corners. Glued ribbon from supply sack to the bottom of frame as a border. Added painted wood letters and painted wood lyre. The hightlights on the aco stencils fit the wood lyre.
adpi frame6146 viewsPainted frame blue and used stencil to paint violets. Added border with the frame stencil (scallop and outline).
ADPi Picture Frame10396 viewsFrame from project pack 1. Remove glass and paint. Stenciled dots using stencil from project 3. Paint wood letters from supply sack white and glue on frame. Glue on lion from supply sack. Make bow with wide ribbon in sack and glue on as well.
AGD Frame190 viewsfeaturing the asparagus fern using stencils from supply sack
Second Option on AGD Frame600 viewsTook the frame and added wooden letters tied with ribbon on this version
small frame aopi8499 viewsSmall frame from project pack 3. Painted using stencils in supply sack. Attach one of 6 sayings from the project pack and a ribbon to hang (or could attach magnet to back).
alpha phi frame757 viewsWe painted this frame with wine paint from the supply sack. We used the stencils in the supply sack to add an ivy border (the side border is 1.5 times the length of the stencil so you have to stencil one vine and then stencil half of the vine for the sides). We stenciled with the dark olive and then added the other two greens on top of in a painterly fashion. Used stencils to paint the Alpha and the Phi in silver. Outlined in green. If you are giving as a gift and don’t have a picture to put it, add a piece of the paper from the supply sack.
A Xi Delta Frame5642 viewsFrom project pack 1. Remove glass and paint frame. Stencil quills and saying on frame. Yu can also add a border around photo using stencils from pack 1. If a gift, insert a photo or a piece fo scrapbook paper from your supply sack.
Chi Omega Frame908 viewsuse the many different fonts on the stencils to paint the background. Use the greek letter and word. Remember to dab paint on sponge and the keep dabbing to soak paint in before you sponge the project. You want a dry sponge for a clean line. Better to build multiple layers than have too wet.
Frame355 views
Delta Gamma Frame420 views
Kappa Frame263 views
Delta Zeta Frame with turtle1828 viewsused the wood turtle on the frame
Gamma Phi Beta Large Frame276 views
Tri Delt Little Sister Gifts4755 views
Frame267 views
frame1806 views
Kappa Delta Frame847 viewsfeatured the shamrock, created from the stencils
Frame383 views
Pi Beta Phi Frame145 views
Frame1123 views
Sigma Kappa Ribbon & Bow Frame2771 views
Zeta Tau Alpha Frame399 views
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