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Sticky Stones around plaque & wood cut out134 views
Canvas973 views
Zeta Tau Alpha Plaque171 views
Zeta Book Mark164 views
Zeta Book Mark148 views
Bottle Cap251 views
Zeta Mini Paddle and Bottle Cap Magnets467 views
zeta: only the berry best get crowned568 viewsPaint door hanger turq. Add a thin border of pink (hint: you can tape to paint or free hand). Add tiny black dots to the pink border with the black paint pen. Paint “ONLY BERRY BEST CROWN” using the “big/lil” stencil in the supply sack (this stencil has most every letter in the alphabet on it). I penciled the letters then painted with black paint pen. Free hand “the”, “get”, and “ed”. Fill letter centers with silver paint. Paint the base of the strawberries pink using the zeta stencil (do not use the leave part of the stencil since we will be using crowns instead). Paint the top layer of the strawberry with the black paint pen. Add crowns to tops of strawberries (hint: I used the crown on the zeta stencil but made it shorter). I painted crowns silver and then outlined in black. I also added some silver highlights to the strawberries.
Door Hanger368 views
Zeta Tau Alpha Frame399 views
Zeta Tau Alpha Key Fob300 views
Zeta Tau Alpha Necklace282 views
ZTA Photo Holders323 views
Pencil Holder399 views
tiffany pin box301 viewsPaint small pin box. Use ribbon to “wrap” the box. Glue pieces of ribbon to the sides, wrapping around to the inside lid and base. Tie a bow and glue to top. You may want to write you sororities "Zeta & co.” Line the inside of the box with the scrapbook paper in your supply sack.
chalkboard mini sign516 viewsMix chalkboard additive to turq paint (additive can be purchased separately with 3 glitter colors for $1.49). Paint plaque (following directions on line for using chalkboard paint). Paint brackets using the scrapbook stencil in pack 4. Loop ribbon at top to hang. Make a loop to hold chalk and glue to the bottom. This plaque available to purchase in pack of 3 assorted sizes for $2.99.
ornament539 viewsPainted small plaque white and added stripes in silver, pink and turq to make plaid. Painted crown in silver using zeta stencil and then added glitter (sold separately in pack of 3 colors $1.49). Add ribbon to hang.
zeta ornament681 viewsPaint plaque silver and add pink dots (hint: use end of paint brush). Paint “I Heart Big sis” using the stencil in the supply sack. Outline with black paint pen. Add ribbon to hang. These plaques are sold in a set of 3 assorted sizes for $2.99.
Zeta Tau Alpha Hanging Small Frame423 views
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