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Sisterhood Gifts for Less

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Sigma Kappa Door Hanger957 viewsOur UGA Rep, Marisa, made this cute door hanger using the Supply Sack.
Sigma Kappa Bottle Cap Necklace902 viewsSuch a cute way to show your SK Pride, Easy to make with the Supply Sack and Project Pack.
Sigma Kappa Bottle Cap Magnets583 views
Sigma Kappa Candy Jar6136 views
Sigma Kappa Canvas3009 viewsUsed the Heart Stencil that comes with this project to create a boarder.
sigma kappa clothes pin276 viewsPaint giant clothes pin lilac (hint: easier to paint if you take apart first). Paint Sigma Kappa with stencils and burgundy paint. Outline with white paint pen. Paint “one… way” with the black paint pen and the letters on the “big/lil” stencil in the supply sack. Paint the heart with the same stencil and outline with white paint pen.
Sigma Kappa Ribbon & Bow Frame2640 views
Sigma Kappa Key Fob195 views
Sig Kap Mini Paddle138 views
Sigma Kappa Necklace174 views
Sigma Kappa268 views
Photo Holder161 views
Sigma Kappa170 views
Sig Kap Small Frame636 views
sig kap sign with dove542 viewsPaint small sign lilac. Cut paper 4”x4” and glue to sign (hint: be sure to cover with glue well, especially the edges). Paint the wood dove lilac. Use stencil in project pack 1 to paint swirls on the dove moving the stencil in different directions. (if you did not purchase project pack 1, you can free hand with white paint pen or over dove with paper). Tie ribbon to the wire and attach ceramic beads to the ends of the ribbon.
Sorority Candy68 viewsTook the paper from the Sigma Kappa Supply Sack and covered some Hersey Treasures Candy. Made a little tray from Paper. Put them in a Pretzel Stick Bag from the Craft store, tied closed with ribbon from Supply Sack.
Glitter Wings and Heart37 viewsTook one of our plain wooden cut outs and glittered it up.
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