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ADPi book marks1594 viewsBook marks made with supplies from project pack 4 and supply sack.
Alpha Delta Pi Bottle Cap Kit Necklaces468 views
Alpha Delta Pi Mini Paddle and Bottle Cap Magnets176 views
adpi canvas12348 viewspainted canvas with the diamond stencil in the canvas pack. Used letters on the lil/big sis stencil to paint the words. Added pom pom fringe to the back of the canvas and used ribbon to hang.
ADPi Canvas17431 viewsCanvas from project pack 3. Painted stripes . Used stencils to paint "Alpha Delta Pi". Added dots to letters. Glued on lion. Use ribbon to hang.
Alpha Delta Pi Clothes Pin80 views
ADPi Clothes pin223 viewsPainted clothes pin blue (easier to paint if you take apart first). Stenciled the stiched diamonds in white. Painted wood letters from supply sack purple and glued on.
alpha delta pi clothespin: peace love &303 viewsPaint the cloths pin (Hint: I find it easier to take apart before you paint). Paint your letters using the stencils in the supply sack. Paint the peace sign using the “keep calm/love” stencil available for $3.99. Paint the heart using the stencil in the supply sack (“lil/big..”). Paint the lion using the ADPi stencil in the supply sack.
diamonds533 viewsuse the stencils to put diamonds on your projects
adpi doorhanger58 viewsPainted door hanger white. Added blue checkerboard. Painted lion with the lion stencil. Painted words and word buble with the doorhanger stencils.
Pencil Cup "Keep Calm and Diamond On"8688 viewsMade by one of our guest at our January Make N' Take
adpi frame5773 viewsPainted frame blue and used stencil to paint violets. Added border with the frame stencil (scallop and outline).
ADPi Picture Frame10148 viewsFrame from project pack 1. Remove glass and paint. Stenciled dots using stencil from project 3. Paint wood letters from supply sack white and glue on frame. Glue on lion from supply sack. Make bow with wide ribbon in sack and glue on as well.
key fob a d pi245 viewsKey fob. Project Pack 1. Follow instructions on package on how to attach the ribbon to the webbing with the iron on tape (or watch the video). Fold webbing in half and clamp on the key fob end (pliers or hammer helpful). Bead the i-pin and attach charm to the end. Attach pin the key fob and add ribbons.
Alpha Delta Pi Key Fob112 views
ADPi key fob775 viewsMade with supplies from project pack 1 and supply sack.
ADPi Magnets744 viewsMade with supplies from project pack 3 and clip art in supply sack. Fast and easy
magnets548 views Magnets from project pack 3. Pick your clip art from several to choose from. Cut . Add words or letters if desired. Glue in bottle cap. Let glue dry before you add the epoxy dot. Glue magnet to the back
ADPi Mini paddle4443 viewsPaint mini paddle from project pack 3. Use stencil to paint lion face with black paint pen in supply sack. You can glue magnet on the back or attach shot bead chain or ribbon.
a chi o necklace90 viewsPick clip art and cut out. Add words or letters if desired. Glue in necklace pendant. Let dry before you add the epoxy dot. Attach beads & charms to i-pins. String on ball chain. You can cut the ball chain to desired length. Use the clasp to close chain.
Alpha Delta Pi Necklace275 views
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