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Delta Gamma Door Hanger267 viewsI cut the paper from Delta Gamma Supply Sack into one inch strips (across the 4" side). I Mod Podge - Deco Paged onto a plain door hanger. I started at the bottom center. Added other things from the Sack
Delta Gamma Book Marks2450 viewsUsed the Project Pack 4 and the Supply Sack for the book marks. The clip art sheet and paper from the Supply Sack makes it so cute. The top is a flap with a magnet.
DG magnets947 viewsproject pack 3.
Cut out your clip art carefully. Add words or letters if desired. Glue words on clip art first then glue circle on to the bottle cap. Let glue dry before you add the epoxy dot. Fold 3 strips of ribbon and glue to the back. Glue on magnets.
Delta Gamma Canvas "Do Good"5005 viewsHere is the art for download (Do Good)
Copy and past link in browser. Password was supplied on your invoice.
Used the edge of the Scrapbook Stencil to make the rope shape.
delta gamma clothes pin: peace, love, &1698 viewsPaint the cloths pin (Hint: I find it easier to take apart before you paint). Paint your letters using the stencils in the supply sack. Paint the peace sign using the “keep calm/love” stencil available for $3.99. Paint the heart using the stencil in the supply sack (“lil/big..”). Paint the achor using the DG stencil in the supply sack.
DG drink holder367 viewsDrink Holder from project pack 1 (pick light pink, med. pink or blue). Paint anchor on with stencils and paint pens in the supply pack. Thread large ceramic beads on ribbon, knot and glue on.
Delta Gamma Frame420 views
DG "do good"8595 viewsPaint this on 8x10" canvas (pack3). Use stencil (purchase separately for $3.99) for KEEP CALM AND". Use stencil in supply sack for the anchor. You can download art to trace for "DO GOOD". Use can use the O in "on to stencil the O's.
Delta Gamma Key Fob415 views
delta gamma peace, love 1501 viewsPaint these with our new stencils sold separately $3.99 and the stencils in the DG supply sack. Height 1" and 1.5". Lots of color options!
delta gamma love photo holder567 viewsPaint cube removing wire holder first.. Paint “LOVE using the “keep calm/ love” stencil (available for purchase separately for $3.99). Use the rose stencil in the supply sack to paint the “O”. ( If you want to add glitter, available for $1.49, paint the rose with glue. Press the glitter into the glue before you shake off extra glitter.) On top of the cube, use the “lil/big” stencil in supply sack to paint “ROSE ABOVE REST” with black paint pen. Free hand “THE”. On one side paint “STOP, SMELL, ROSES”. Free hand “and” & “the”. On another side paint “PAINT, ROSES, WHITE”. Free hand “the”. Paint the O in roses white and add swirl with black paint pen to look like a rose. Add ribbon to holder.
delta gamma love photo holder7969 viewsPaint cube photo holder blue. Paint “LOVE” with the “KEEP CALM/LOVE” stencil (available separately $3.99). *HINT: you may need to paint it white first before you add the pink. Paint and anchor for the O using the DG stencil.
Delta Gamma Photo Holders1147 views
delta gamma sign1018 viewssign from project pack 4. Paint sign. Paint anchor with stencil in supply sack. Download bible verse and transfer to sign and paint with paint pen. Tie ribbon bow.

down load for verse art:

Delta Gamma Small Frame579 viewsused a saying and magnet
DG stationary408 viewsStencil anchors onto blank stationary cards, then tie with ribbon to make a sweet little gift.
DG "Love DG"8323 viewsPaint this on 8x10" canvas (pack3). Use stencil (purchase separately for $3.99) for KEEP CALM AND". Use stencil in supply sack for the anchor. You can download art to trace for "LOVE DG". Of corse you can stencil the L & E.
13" Paddle DG3739 viewsFun DG paddle. Used the scrapbook stencil for the flags that drape the paddle.
LOVE3495 viewsused "keep on / love" stencil and dee gee stencil.
delta gamma sign374 viewsSign from project pack 4. Paint sign pink and border another color pink. Paint DG with letter stencils in the supply sack. Once dry, paint anchor on top with stencil in in the supply sack.
Wooden Ship's wheel covered with Glitter633 viewsWe took our painted ship's wheel and glittered it.
wooden sail boat covered with glitter1724 viewsWe took our small painted sailboat and covered it with glitter
Delta Gamma Door Hanger with Anchor10076 viewsCould also make this for Alpha Sigma Theta. We have the Anchor art already sized for our customers at:

Copy and past the URL into your browser. Password was provided when you placed your order and it's on your Invoice.

Once you print, cut out and tape to either side of door hanger. Trace the outline in pencil. Fill in with a paint brush.
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