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canvas117 viewsuse carnation and letter stencils to paint
carnation chi o5438 viewspaint a carnation on your project using the carnation stenceil. Also used the letter stencils to write Chi Omega.
x marks the spot1155 viewsX marks the spot.....using stencils and paint in the supply sack.
Chi Omega Memo Holder from Bar Coaster62 views
Chi Omega Memo Holder, Beads from Supply Sack101 views
Chi Omega Memo Holder, Beads from Supply Sack98 views
carnnation options2975 viewstwo carnation options on the carnation stencil
carnnation options1706 views so many ways to show your Chi O pride. Switch up the color combos or add glitter. Glitter sold in pack of 3 colors (white, red, straw) and additive to turn paint into chalkboard paint for only $1.49
skulls and chi o4107 viewswith paint only or add glitter (pack $1.49)
Chi Omega Bottle Cap Magnets90 views
bottle caps magnets50 viewsproject pack 3. Cut out your clip art carefully. Add words or letters if desired. Glue on clip art first then glue on to the bottle cap. Let glue dry before you add the epoxy dot. Glue magnet to the back of the bottle cap.
Chi Omega Little SisterCanvas4470 views
white carnation7089 viewsadd glitter to your carnation (painted with the carnation stencil)
Chi Omega Clothes Pin63 viewsUsed the Giant Clothes Pin (9") from Project Pack 3 and the Supply Sack. The diamond stencil is from the Canvas kit.
chi omega clothes pin: peace, love, & 66 viewsPaint the cloths pin (Hint: I find it easier to take apart before you paint). Paint your letters using the stencils in the supply sack. Paint the peace sign using the “keep calm/love” stencil available for $3.99. Paint the heart using the stencil in the supply sack (“lil/big..”). Paint the skull & crossbones using the CO stencil in the supply sack.
Chi Omega Door Hanger99 views
Chi Omega Drink Holder191 views
chi omega frame735 viewsuse the many different fonts on the stencils to paint the background. Use the greek letter and word. Remember to dab paint on sponge and the keep dabbing to soak paint in before you sponge the project. You want a dry sponge for a clean line. Better to build multiple layers than have too wet.
chi omega chalkboard picture frame137 viewsPaint frame red (remove glass first). Then mix chalkboard additive (from glitter pack) to red paint for the final coat. Let dry 24 hours then cover frame with chalk and wipe off. Now you are ready to decorate. Pick a frame border to stencil. I did base in yellow then added the outline with the black paint pen. (hint: yellow is a very hard color to get good coverage. Best to paint white first then paint yellow on top of the white). Paint the Chi Omega with the letter stencils and same yellow. Outline letters with black paint pen. I glued two round circles (that I painted red) to the bottom of the frame to hold the chalk. You could use chopsticks, popsicle stick, etc . Decorate with frame with chalk.
Chi O "love chi o"1133 viewsPaint this on 8x10" canvas (pack3). Use stencil (purchase separately for $3.99) for KEEP CALM AND". Use stencil in supply sack for the skull & crossbones. You can download art to trace for "LOVE CHI O " . Of corse you can stencil the E & A's. (hint: you can also stencil the L by using the E and tape).

link to download art:
use password given to you when you placed order
Chi Omega Key Fob157 views
chi omega: peace, love, .....364 viewsPaint this with our new stencil sold separtely for $3.99 and the stencils in the supply sacks.
1.5 " tall.
Chi Omega Pencil Cup133 views
Inside of Chi Omega Scrapbook1578 views
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