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Alpha Xi Delta Quill with Glitter147 viewsUsed our custom made quill for Alpha Xi Delta with our glitter to add some blin
Alpha Xi Delta Quill with Glitter323 viewsused our custom wood cut out with glitter
Alpha Xi Delta Sign 116 views
Alpha Xi Delta 5 inch plaque123 views
Alpha Xi Delta 5 inch plaque90 views
Canvas Teddy Bear using download1954 viewsAvail with and without bow:
1) download artwork and print
2) transfer to canvas
3) paint background
4) paint dots (using stencil in canvas pack)
5) paint letters (using letter stencils)
6) outline stencil with paint pen.
7) paint teddy bear

teddy canvas919 viewsA customer made this cavas with one of our free art downloads.
Canvas Teddy Bear using download197 views available with and without bow:
1) download artwork and print
2) transfer to canvas
3) paint background
4) paint dots (using stencil in canvas pack)
5) paint letters (using letter stencils)
6) outline stencil with paint pen. (not shown on this exaple)
7) paint teddy bear
Canvas886 viewsI made this canvas for my daughter who is going to Rollins next year. Projects and supplies can be used to make so many different gifts outside of sorority. I used the canvas stencils to mark my stripe widths. I laid down masking tape to help me paint one edge of the strip but free handed the other. I painted stripes of white, light blue, dark blue and yellow. I added a thin white stripe with the paint pen inbgetween some of the colors. I added yellow dots to the dark blue stripe. Then I used the circle stencils to add circles on top of the stripes. I painted the two larger circles white and the next size dark blue ( I did not use the smallest circles on the stencil). I added highlights to the circles in yellow and light blue. I purchased her initials at Hobby Lobby and painted dark blue and glued on canvas. Attached wide ribbon to hang.
alpha xi delta doorhanger552 viewsPaint door hanger light blue. Add border by painting blocks of dark blue then blocks of yellow. When dry, outline with white paint pen. Paint roses on 3 large wood circles by painting circles white. Then stencil rose pattern in yellow (hint: I went back with a white paint pen to touch up when dry). Paint letters on the roses using the letter stencils and black paint pen. Position on door hanger and mark with pencil. Stencil leaves in green and outline with black paint pen. Glue down the wood roses. Paint two smaller wood circles yellow and free hand rose pattern with white paint pen. Free hand leaves in green, outline and glue down small roses. Tie a bow using three different colors of ribbon and glue to the top of the doorhanger.
A Xi Delta Frame5642 viewsFrom project pack 1. Remove glass and paint frame. Stencil quills and saying on frame. Yu can also add a border around photo using stencils from pack 1. If a gift, insert a photo or a piece fo scrapbook paper from your supply sack.
alpha xi delta LOVE5471 viewsPaint these with our new stencil sold separately $3.99. For the top 2, tape off half of the E when you paint. Then flip and use the half of the E to complete the XI. For the bottom 2, use the Teddy Bear stencil in the AXiD supply sack. 3" x 3". Great for photo holder or small sign.
Alpha Xi Delta LOVE1623 viewsPaint this with the new stencil sold separtely for $3.99 (LOVE). Use the teddy stencil in the AXiD supply sack for the teddy face. 3" x3" perfect for photo holder or small sign.
alpha xi delta mini notebook2904 viewsBought a set of these mini notebooks at the dollar store. Covered the front and back with paper from the supply sack. Cut a strip of paper to wrap around the binding. Paint letters with stencil. Quick, easy and inexpensive little gift.
alpha Xi Delta LOVE photo holder5229 viewsPaint cube photo holder blue. Paint “LOVE” with the “KEEP CALM/LOVE” stencil (available separately $3.99). *HINT: you may need to paint it white first before you add the yellow). Tape off the left half of the E. Then turn the E around and paint the other half to form the Xi.
alpha xi delta photo holder love1647 viewsPaint cube removing wire holder first.. Paint “LOVE using the “keep calm/ love” stencil (available for purchase separately for $3.99). Use the rose stencil in the supply sack to paint the “O”. ( If you want to add glitter, available for $1.49, paint the rose with glue. Press the glitter into the glue before you shake off extra glitter.) On top of the cube, use the “lil/big” stencil in supply sack to paint “ROSE ABOVE REST” with black paint pen. Free hand “THE”. On one side paint “STOP, SMELL, ROSES”. Free hand “and” & “the”. On another side paint “PAINT, ROSES, PINK”. Free hand “the”. Paint the O in roses pink and add swirl with white paint pen to look like a rose. Add ribbon to holder.
Alpha Xi Delta Small Frame Project487 views
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