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a chi o options449 viewsDesigns options using A Chi O paint and stencils
stencils323 viewsuse stencils to create great ways to display your letters.
multi lyres634 viewsanother option ...stencil different sized and colored lyres on the background, and then stencil your letters. Can do this on frame, scrapbook, canvas....
a chi options87 viewsdesign options using A Chi O paint and stencils
a chi o100 viewsdesign options using A Chi O paint and stencils
stencil lyre460 viewsso many different options combining the different stencils of lyres and letters
alpha chi omega2932 viewsdesign options using A Chi O paint and stencils
lyre and letters12611 viewsmore options using lyre stencil and letter stencils
Alpha Chi Omega Sorority Door Hanger2605 viewsYou could use any of the stencils to add to this (polka dot, etc). You can get the lyre art already sized to the door hanger here:

Copy and Paste Link in your browser. Password was given to you when you placed your order.
car charm alpha chi omega106 viewsPick out clip art and cut out. Add words or letters if desired. Glue into the bottle cap pendant. Let dry before you add the epoxy dot. Add seed beads and charm to o-ring and attach to ribbon with the pendant.
bottle cap1530 viewsfrom project pack...make a pendant, key ring or car charm.
Alpha Chi Omega Car Charm from Bottle cap kit191 views
alpha chi magnets261 viewsMagnets from project pack 3. Pick your clip art from several to choose from. Cut . Add words or letters if desired. Glue in bottle cap. Let glue dry before you add the epoxy dot. Glue magnet to the back.
Alpha Chi Omega Bottle Cap Magnets181 views
Alpha Chi Omega Hanging Canvas4566 views
alpha chi omega clothes pin409 viewsPaint the cloths pin (Hint: I find it easier to take apart before you paint). Paint your letters using the stencils in the supply sack. Paint the peace sign using the “keep calm/love” stencil available for $3.99. Paint the heart using the stencil in the supply sack (“lil/big..”). Paint the Lyre using the ACO stencil in the supply sack.
Alpha Chi Omega Photo Cubes715 views
door hanger231 viewsfrom project pack, make door hanger with paint and stencils.
aco frame317 viewsfrom project pack, painted frame olive, added a border in light green around the opening. Used the frame stencils to add corners. Glued ribbon from supply sack to the bottom of frame as a border. Added painted wood letters and painted wood lyre. The hightlights on the aco stencils fit the wood lyre.
glitter aco415 viewsadd glitter to your projects. Package of 3 glitter colors and a package of additive to turn paint into blackboard paint only $1.49.
Use the Keep Calm Stencil536 views
aco key fob415 viewsfrom project pack, make this great key fob with supplies from supply sack. Used ribbon to thread beads (may need to put tape on the end of ribbon to thread through beads).
Using the Keep Calm/Love/Peace Stencil2983 views
LOVE109 viewsUsed stencil "keep on..." and lyre stencil.
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